International Purchaser Guide

Thank you for your interest in purchasing our item(s). We are trying to assist you as much as we can here. Hopefully the transaction of money and item(s) will be smooth and easy. After sending the order form or email me for your order, what do you have to do?

1. Check the currency exchange from Malaysia's currency (MYR) to your country's currency. The widget is at the sidebar as well.

2. Confirm the delivery charges with us. We will let you know the charges according to the rate by Poslaju Malaysia. The charges may vary depending on your location and the weight of the item(s). No worries, we will bring your item(s) to Poslaju and get the charges rate directly form Poslaju itself. All delivery charges will be borne by the purchaser.

You might as well estimate the delivery charges by Poslaju by CLICKING HERE

3. Transfer the money through Maybank (International) or using Paypal. If you are using Maybank from your country, the transfer is an immediate telegraphic transfer. If you are using Paypal, the transfer is immediate as well but with RM4 extra charge for items below RM500.

This is the list of Maybank Worldwide branches.

4.  Once the payment is clear into our account and can be cashed out, we will send out your parcel as soon as possible. Fret not, we've done few transaction with purchasers from several countries and they all turned out well. The arrival of your parcel depends on the Custom as they control the flow of goods to the countries outside Malaysia.

That's all from us. Contact us at for any difficulties understanding the intsruction.