S002 - Sabrina

Next is the soft denim pleated skirt. Wonderful material with wonderful floral prints all over the skirt. Elastic waistband at the back with cotton cover up. Not to forget the superb cutting that will wrap your hips nicely. Comes in 2 colors. Describable in 2 words, cute and lovely. Click it girls =)

..light blue..

..darker blue..

..nice pleated skirt | elastic waistband at the back..

..light blue | darker blue..

ITEM : S002

Size : Free size (fits S-M)

Measurement :

Length : 34cm
Waist : 33cm, maximum 47cm
Hips : 48cm

Material : Soft denim


S002 Light Blue : 1 AVAILABLE!!

S002 Darker Blue : 1 AVAILABLE!!


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