B004 - Halina

simple vintage backpack. Handy when you are in need of not holding anything! The bag is not that big, but provides you enough space for your wallet, keys, phone, a camera and simple make up kit! For mommies, no worries, it fits if you wanna put in your baby's bottle, a handkerchief, a purse, keys and a diaper! *tested*

..simple designed backpack..

..adjustable strap thus you decide how you would want it to hug your body..


..side magnetic button..easy to stuff things in..

..inner zipper, front magnetic button and front bag cover-up..

..brown, dark brown, blue and black..

ITEM : B004

Measurement :
Height : 25.5cm
Length : 24.5cm
Width : 11cm


B004 Brown : SOLD OUT!!

B004 Dark Brown : SOLD OUT!!

B004 Blue : SOLD OUT!!

B004 Black : 1 AVAILABLE!!


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