S001 - Sacha

There's a wide variety in fashion skirts, from satin skirts to boho skirts, but there are some styles that look better and effortless on specific shapes. Browse through our collection this time. It may be what you need to look sexy in no time! Firstly, the denim floral skirt. Don't you think that this combination is super lovely for you girls? Comes in 3 colors with good quality of denim material. Lovely floral printed design all over the skirt makes you look cute at any time. Match it with plain top or shirt. A cute pumps or sexy heels is what you need to complete the outfit. Gorgeous.


..hidden zipper with side pockets | back view with pocket flap (not functioning)..

..3 gorgeous colors; black, blue, grey..

ITEM : S001

Size : M (slightly stretchable)

Measurement :

Length : 32cm
Waist : 36cm, maximum 41cm
Hips : 43cm, maximum 52cm

Material : Denim (slightly stretchable)


S001 Blue : SOLD OUT!!

S001 Grey : 1 AVAILABLE!!

S001 Black : SOLD OUT!!


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